Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (5/16)

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Sometimes one film in a franchise is enough.

There are times a movie starts off with a paper thin but enjoyable premise. For example, ghost pirates. But then that movie gets big, the writers get all wrapped up in the mythos, and everything that comes after just isn’t nearly as tight or as enjoyable.


Say you have a horror franchise, in which the mystery is part of the charm. As the studios churn this out, the later entries chip away at what made the films scary in the first place. A dream demon becomes a wise-cracking comedian. A chainsaw murderer becomes a secret government experiment. Some video tape ghost is trying to be reborn as a psychic ghost child, as one does.


Action heroes just become straight up invulnerable, even when they’re supposed to be everyday people. That boxer who lost the match but retains his dignity eventually ends the cold war. A down on his luck officer destroys a helicopter on a collapsing bridge. That Vietnam vet with PTSD becomes… well, becomes Rambo.

Today’s bonus prompt comes from Great Boos Up: Franchises in which you only like one movie