American Dad! Season 20 Episode 5 Stretched Thin

In which Jeff tries to assert himself

After a week off, American Dad! is back and we have another Jeff focused episode. Outside of the outstanding Lost in Space episode, Jeff has been underutilized in his time on the show across these 20 something years, so a renewed focus on him is not the worst. And this episode utilizes the family well plus the extra characters that fill out the world of American Dad!

While at dinner, Jeff discovers the family doesn’t believe he makes good decisions and the family tries to make all his decisions for him. Angry, he is dumped out of the car where he makes his way to a seminar which turns out to be a pyramid scheme or rather a Multi-Level Marketing scheme. The MLM is to sell leggings. The family is at first disbelieving in the scheme but then they jump all in. They name everyone executive vice presidents except Jeff who ventures out on his own.

The Smith’s (sans Jeff) try to sell the leggings but are largely unsuccessful. In fact they make no sales. So it’s a shock at the big meeting of all the sales people that Jeff is awarded top new seller (by Roger of course). The family tries to hop on Jeff’s sales technique but it is soon revealed that Jeff faked his sales receipts and is actually really bad at this. Things reset to normal and the family goes back to making decisions for Jeff. Except they let him order the Sal-man, which he immediately spits out of course.

Stray Observations

  • Nice to see Buckle back even briefly. He was last seen being killed in Echoes
  • Jeff without the Goatee looks like Michael Moore according to the CIA, which may explain why Stan doesn’t like him on a psychological level
  • Roger’s MLM wife was voiced by Jane Lynch who makes sporadic appearances throughout the show.

Final Thoughts Solid if unspectacular. The Roger reveal was actually pretty solid this time.