Weekly Games Thread Sets Up the Board for All the Strategizing

Happy Monday, everyone! Welcome to the Weekly Games Thread!

The prompt today: strategy games. I just completed the first main campaign of Advance Wars 1 + 2 Re-Boot Camp, which has been a delight! While I don’t really think of myself as a strategy game player—or particularly strategic in any avenue—these do scratch an itch I often forget that I have. There’s Fire Emblem, of course, though some of the time the most compelling stuff has to do with the characters. And back in the day, I played a ton of Starcraft and Age of Empires II (and Age of Mythology, though I’ll admit that one’ is a bit less polished’s mostly just because it had all the cool monsters. The Hydra grew heads as it took damage!). Pikmin‘s a bit extreme of an example, but that one counts. And yeah, that first Mario + Rabbids game is pretty delightful up until the point where it gets way too difficult.

You know, I don’t really know what the prompt here is, other than: what’s a favorite strategy game you’ve got? If you don’t play them, is there one that seems like it might be more up your alley? Do you prefer real time or turn-based? Do you bristle or hum at the feel of a harsh rectangular grid setup? Do you pump out a bunch of expendable troops or try to deploy only a small but strong army? Or do you not even like strategy games that give you the option to resupply your numbers?

Anyway, hope your playing was productive this weekend!