The X2 Day Thread Makes a Hell of a Good Ice Cream Sundae

X2: X-Men United–a movie which had its subtitle added at the last minute because Fox didn’t want their film being mistaken for an algebra problem–opened in theaters 20 years ago this week (strictly speaking, tomorrow; I signed up for the wrong OT, okay?). The film was a massive commercial and critical success, but surprisingly didn’t have that much in terms of marketing tie-in promotions. Aside from a collection of special Dr. Pepper cans (which I was never able to find when they were out), the biggest brand supporting our favorite men of the X was…Baskin/Robbins.

That’s right, because if there’s one thing we all know about Wolverine, it’s his incontrollable love of ice cream. Or, more specifically, ice cream sundaes. Apparently, the heads of Baskin/Robbins asked for the moody mutant to make a sundae especially for them, and I guess he was like “sure thing, bub” and then got straight to work on his frozen masterpiece. Also, I love that Wolverine is using his claws here for no reason. Like they do retract…

Of course, Wolverine wasn’t the only superhero showcasing his culinary skills for Baskin/Robbins, as another character from the film had their own delicious sundae unique to them. And if you guessed Iceman…you are wrong. Nope, it was Storm–almost as iconic for her love of creamy desserts as Wolverine is–who got the honor of having her own treat, and for whatever reason, her sundae looks respectively bigger than Wolverine’s. Like, I’m sure this got kids fighting once the cups were served when little Susie got a larger portion than little Billy who picked the Wolverine sundae because he thought Wolverine was cooler than Storm. Also, pop quiz: do you know what happens to ice cream when it’s struck by lightning?

But this does beg the question: which sundae would YOU like? As it happens, Professor X is going to Days of Future Past me into the year 2003 so I can bring one of these sundaes back. But ONLY one. So vote wisely. Your ice cream future depends on it (also, no, Professor X said I can not go to McDonald’s in the 90s to bring back the Arch Deluxe, no matter how much I want to).

Have an X-CELLENT day, y’all!