A League of Their Own Day Thread

The 2022 TV adaptation of A League of Their Own is about the same as the 1992 film, but with a twist: it’s gay. The show follows Carson Shaw, played by Abbi Jacobson, as she tries to juggle with leading a struggling baseball team while also finding herself personally. Concurrent with Carson’s story, there is also Max Chapman, played by Chanté Adams, who is trying to break the color barrier in professional baseball and also finding herself.

This show was a surprise hit for me, and has become my top 10 favorite shows of all time. Not only did I love the show, but it also helped me embrace my queer identity even more. A League of Their Own is probably the first show where I relate to it’s story, it’s characters, and most importantly, it’s queer representation.

While I’m sad that A League of Their Own will only get shorter final season, I’m glad that this show exist and really get to see stories that left a greater impact in me.