WW 205: Love is Werewolf – Day 2

B’kaw, dressed up in a cute detective cap, skipped down the halls. “Yay, there’s so much beautiful romance going on at this school, I can’t wait to see everyone get their happy ending, b’kaw!”

Suddenly, B’kaw heard activity in a nearby classroom. “Ooh, I bet something interesting is going on in there. Maybe two people in a passionate kiss… b’kaw!”

Opening the door, B’Kaw found not a beautiful romance, but a cloaked figure singing the school’s song in a horrible tone. The grotesque sound brought B’kaw to the ground, with a final “b’kaw!”

Jam / B’kaw is dead. They were Chika Fujiwara (Love Detective) Town.

Nariyuki Yuiga opened his locker and found a letter left for him. “Hmm… a letter with heart on it, addressed to me… I wonder what it could be!” he said, entirely naive.

He didn’t see the love confession coming. He also didn’t see it coming that the letter had a gun in it, which somehow shot him.

Malthusc / Nariyuki Yuiga is dead. They were Vanilla Town.


1. Side Character / Umetarou Nozaki

2. Sic Humor / Unnamed Man

3. Moo / Mrs. CrumpleBottom 

4. Raven / Horse Prince Yuuma

5. Malthusc / Nariyuki Yuiga Vanilla Town

6. Otakunomike / Bench-kun

7. Wasp / Bolonco

8. Eleanor / Dread Pirate Buttercup

9. Hoho / Picard

10. Jam / B’kawChika Fujiwara (Love Detective)

11. Cork / David Attenborough

12. Goat / Louis

13. Abby / Yumeko Jabami 

14. Copy / Gendo Ikari

15. DourifLeMoko / Yukino Miyazawa

16. Queequeeg / Cheryl Bombshell 

17. Nuka

18. Josephus / Jewell Skateboarder Vanilla Town

19. MSD / Truck-Kun



5 3 Vanilla Town 

5 4 Rolled Town

  • Chika Fujiwara (Love Detective) – Chika is on the hunt for the latest love gossip on her fellow students (Checks what relationships a player is in if any)
  • Ai Hayasaka (Spy Maid) – Hayasaka has more than one skill in her bag of tricks
  • Miko Iino (Public Morals Committee Enforcer) – Miko is on the lookout to break-up those behaving INappropriately on school grounds.
  • Kobachi Osaragi (Public Morals Committee Officer) – Osaragi will meet her club duties by sending students to detention.
  • Kei Shirogane (Little Sibling) – Ready to step up in another’s place, if needed.


The Academy’s eccentric Tabletop Gaming Club has decided to liven school spirit by designing a deadly school-wide game of Werewolf. And they get to play the part of the Wolves themselves.


In this game, Lovers are independent trying to survive to the conclusion of the game (when all Wolves have been killed or Wolves outnumber other remaining players) while still in a relationship. Once formed, Couples get shared chatsand will die together when either is killed. Each Lover has unique traits to their role and who they can couple with.

  • Kaguya Shinomiya – The Icy Lover
  • Miyuki Shirogane – The Over-Achieving Lover 
  • Yu Ishigami – The Dejected Lover
  • Nagisa Kashiwagi – The Basic Lover
  • Maki Shijo – The Tragic Lover


  1. Typical werewolf rules apply. A day phase where you vote for who to kill, a night phase where rolled players use their powers.
  2. Game concludes when all Wolves eliminated, or Wolves outnumber remaining players.
  3. DO NOT QUOTE from any private discord chat. Do not edit comments
  4. Aim to participate with at least 3 posts per day
  5. Roleplaying not required but encouraged (and it’s okay with me if you RP happens to overlap with a role in the game)
  6. Non-Required Daily events to be expected, with potentially valuable rewards.
  7. Ties settled by RNG among Tied Players.


Twilight will be on Sunday, April the 23rd at 6PM CST