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The Wednesday Politics Thread Studies Abroad

Welcome back to Wednesday, Politicados! For today’s header, I thought we could look abroad at some global news from areas of the world we often don’t hear as much about. I’ve selected a few articles, so let’s take a look!

In Africa, violence has broken out in Sudan again, and BBC has a helpful explainer on the conflict. Elsewhere, this article from AfricaNews talks about an art exhibit in Zimbabwe that challenges and questions gender roles.

In Asia, a heat wave has brought record-breaking temperatures to much of southeast Asia, particularly Thailand. Per Washington Post, temperatures broke 114 degrees Fahrenheit. Also in Asia, an article in The Japan Times looks at the lack of youth support for liberal parties in Japanese politics.

In South America, the indigenous Mapuche of Chile are taking the government of Chile to the Hague, arguing that Chile has violated treaties signed with the Mapuche. In Peru, protests have continued against the government. Last month, Amnesty International called for an end to brutal treatment of protestors. 

What stories from around the world are you following, particularly stories that maybe we haven’t been discussing in the PT? Share them today, along with anything else. 

Be kind and thoughtful today. Cheers.