The OT recalls that one time they got sick on a bus

When I was a kid, my entire family took a bus to Puerto Vallarta. I got so sick my parents almost did something out of character for them at the time. They either wanted to rent a car and drive back to my grandpa’s house or get a hotel in Tonalá. I don’t remember, and I’m not calling my mom just to ask.

Anyway, I know we were in Tonalá and that I was sick as hell. I was so sick my poor dad had to carry me to the clinic. I don’t know how this was resolved, but I do know we ended up meeting up with the rest of our family in the end. So a happy ending, assuming I didn’t have a communicable disease

Tianguis in Tonalá
I wonder how long it will take for my parents to set up an altar and buy one of those huge ass virgin Marys. I’m betting on 3-4 trips to Mexico.

Look I know this is a photo for ants but I can’t tell you how much this hit me with nostalgia. I doubt I’ve even been here but it reminds me of my dad’s hometown.