American Dad! Season 20 Episode 4 The Pleasanting At Smith House

In which Jeff just wants to have a pleasant afternoon with Klaus…

A Klaus/Jeff pairing should yield comedy gold as the usually pushy Klaus and the meeker less assertive Jeff makes for a good outing. This time, well in this recappers opinion didn’t go so hot.

Klaus and Jeff are good friends (in this episode at least) and enjoy each others company, going on outings, sitting up on the roof enjoying the sunset and generally getting along (does Jeff no longer think the family are perfidious fucks for sticking him with Klaus?). They go to an estate auction one day (meeting Lewis who never misses an estate sale). Klaus manages to snag a fancy comb. The comb contains a wraith who attaches herself to Klaus. This ruins the friends outings which bothers Jeff.

Jeff does try to break them up by separating Klaus from the comb. The comb ends up in the hands of Tuttle and Jeff seems happy but Klaus is sad. However, Klaus gets it back but it goes awry while the boys are up at the cabin. Jeff breaks the comb and the wraith is freed and attacks them. They are saved by the ghost of Old Ulysses.

Over on the B-Plot, Stan gets his jaw broken and is forced to have it wired shut. However this doesn’t deter him from eating his sandwich which ends up with the wires popping out, injuring people and Stan back in the hospital

Stray Observations

  • The return of Old Ulysses and the song was welcome.
  • On last week, if I had to review and grade it I’d give it a B-. I like Lewis but the focus to making him be less of a jerk doesn’t work for me.
  • Finally, take a look at the Laura Vanderbooben cosplay I saw on the internet

Final Thoughts: This one was just ok. An interesting premise wasted a bit on a hackney Jeff wants to hang with his bro plot.