The 412 Day Thread

The area code for Pittsburgh is 412 and with that in mind, today’s Day Thread is all about the City of Bridges.

Pittsburgh was named one of the best places to live and I’ve been a resident since 2006.

Some famous Pittsburghers include – Mister Rogers, Jeff Goldblum, Michael Keaton, Tom Atkins, Rachel Carson, and Nellie Bly.

Pittsburgh was the birthplace of the Big Mac, Mister Yuk, and the zombie thanks to George Romeros Night of the Living Dead.

I could go on and on all about Pittsburgh but we will end the thread here and I’ll include a short video from WQED for your viewing pleasure.

I’ll be revisiting this glorious city in future OTs down the line.

Something To Discuss – Tell us about your hometown or current residence and tell us what you love about it. It could be a famous resident or attraction or a fun fact.