A forgettable Cid for the 4/12 Night thread

We now come to (sigh) FFXIII. This Cid was possibly the most forgettable one yet. Here’s how the game’s datalog describes him:

Cid Raines is the commander of the Wide-area Response Brigade, a military unit otherwise known as the ‘Cavalry.’ His vaunted position in the army has afforded him an unobstructed view of the blind obedience the government shows to the fal’Cie. In order to free Cocoon from the tyranny of these powerful entities, Raines has begun enlisting the assistance of Fang and the other Pulse l’Cie.

Unlike other Cids, this one doesn’t have any scientific aptitude or skills, he’s a military commander and not much else. At least he’s young and pretty? Ok, he did try to save the world or something but eh.

It sure does. Have a good night everyone!

(By the way I don’t have anymore OTs scheduled for the near future so enjoy the break. Someone expressed interest in doing a FFXIV Cid thread, and they’re free to do so)