Chaos at the Crossroads of Time Day 4

He sprinted down the street. His magical lute twanging with every step, a small razor sharp blade in hand. In Waterdeep he had always been 2nd chair but he knew he could make a fresh start here. And he knew exactly what the city had needed a Wall-Rattling Boulder-Shattering music group to wail away the days. His public-house had quickly become the talk of the town and soon he oh so quietly began to amass information. For there was something deeply wrong. High-level adventures disappearing on simple fetch quests, bumps in the night not meant with dashing parties, that really weird stone garden. But he had leads to follow. Everyone who left his tavern needed tracking to determine if they acted for good or ill. The kobold turned the corner happy that the creepy winged statue at the end of the street was finally out of his view. He was in his element, he was a star, he was writing a kick-ass riff he would open with tomorrow and a grand speech to follow it. And Deekin’s final thought was G or A-flat.

Copy has died. They were Deekin Scalesinger the Collector of Tales (TOWN)

He was a ghost. Always in plain sight and yet somehow no-one would remember he even ordered a drink. Years and years of experience at creating the ultimate aura of normalcy made it easy to see when the balance had been disrupted. He knew that the UNIT office down the street from his circus had dealings with a shady set of mysterious Doctorates. And he had been sent to investigate if these odd portals had anything to do with them. Of course it was more out of jealousy than anything else. Others too focused on the fact that UNIT got their exploits aired on the Beeb. Not him though, and here he saw an opportunity to shift the balance of his countries competition. Where others saw one or two he could follow dozens and he set to his never-ending task. He would drop files in the laps of powerful denizens of the city and they would claim credit for his fine work. Just like home, and just like there, someone thought they could tail him. He pretended to quietly finished his empty glass and then ambled and disappeared in the crowd. Appearing unnoticed across the city he wandered back to his apartment satisfied he had lost them. But George was wrong. YOU HAVE FAILED HER!!! the flames shouted. And with one final unassuming smile, and a whistle of steel, he was no more.

Lamb has died. They were George Smiley the Inconspicuous Agent (TOWN)

She had learned to smell it, the light scent of doom on the breeze. When hiding at the end of worlds was your specialty it started to have an almost homey feel. She had a cunning plan of course, she always did. But it would take a lot of her power and she could only do it once so it had to be worth it. After a moment she came to a decision and she began her illusion. Till the start of night at least she would be invisible to all and could do what she needed to do unhindered. The last thing to disappear was her mouth. Was it a caring smile, a sinister smile, a calm smile, you could never tell with Loki.

Loki the Enchantress has used their Mistress of Manipulation power. No one may vote for them today

The Doctor emerged from the artificial bubble they had created to navigate the final bit of space to reach the world, and was greeted by the Doctor. They sized up each other up, one grey by choice, one grey by years. You got the message the Doctor told themselves. Yes and they are here. We are too or were. War mended it, Fantastic stabilized it, but we need to fix it. Where’s Fez. No clue, but they were always excitable, evidently they had a plan though. Which was? It just says Geronimo! Helpful. I’ve met a few who will stand with us, might even travel after, if there is an after. They scared. Of course will be even more so after tonight. We will need more. One more is coming. And when we need two. Well you never know just what we will get up to. You sound too much like Fez sometimes. Allons-y!



  1. Anna
  2. Emmelemm
  3. Indy
  4. Jam
  5. Josephus
  6. Moo
  7. MSD
  8. Nate: Persephone the Smart and Sassy Zombie (TOWN)
  9. Nuka
  10. Otakunomike
  11. Side
  12. Stars

Dead: Spirits of the Graveyard

  1. BeingGreen: Irene Adler the Master Thief (TOWN)
  2. Cork: Colombo the Unshakable Detective (TOWN)
  3. Queequeg: Harrow the Necromancer (TOWN)
  4. Moonster: Gideon the Swordmistress (TOWN)
  5. Wasp: The Trickster Queen (INDEPENDENT)
  6. Sic: Morrigan Witch of the Wilds (WOLF)
  7. Jake: Nephthys Protector of the Dead (WOLF)
  8. Lamb: George Smiley The Inconspicuous Agent (TOWN)
  9. Copy: Deekin Scalesinger: The Collector of Tales (TOWN)
Role Descriptions

Dead Spirits of the Graveyard TOWN:

Dead Spirits of Graveyard: INDEPENDENTS

Dead Spirits of Graveyard: WOLVES


Oh no you accidentally clicked the rules section close it quickly!!!

-Players are NOT allowed to edit comments or to directly quote from private chats without express permission from the moderator.

-Auto-Kill Rules: With 9 or more players Auto-Kill occurs at either 50% if all players have submitted a vote or at 67% (rounded up) regardless of whether all players have voted. With 8 or fewer players Auto-Kill requires everyone to have voted and triggers at 50%.

-Ties will Result in RNG rolls done in the graveyard among all tied people

-Each Player will receive a private chat they may use throughout the game. Due to the high number of powers it is quite possible that something you consider extremely weird will occur. If you think a mistake has been made regarding game structure or information please ask in your Private chat first.

-Victory conditions, unless expressly stated otherwise, will be only checked at the end of night actions. They will not be checked at Twilight. In addition Kill or Be Killed scenarios will be up to the players to determine
-Please try to make at least 3 posts per day thread. RP is welcome but is not required.

Action Priority: Special => Structural => Protective => Inquisitive => Killing => Clean-Up

All Killing powers trigger at the same time. All other powers have a priority order within their group which will generally favor independents over wolves over town.
-Any power marked as Persistent always happens if you are currently alive during its timing window.

Win Conditions
-Town will win when at least one town player is alive and all independents and wolves are dead
-Wolves will win when all independent players are dead and their number is equal to or greater than the number of town that are alive at the end of all night actions
-All Independents will have at least one win condition that will remain unknown to every player besides themselves

Finally and most importantly be respectful to all players. Attack arguments, not people. This is just a game, and we are all here to have a good time.

There is 1 Independent Alive

There are 3 Wolves Alive

There are 8 Town Members Alive

Day Vote Record Sheet:

TWILIGHT IS ON MONDAY AT 2PM West Coast Time, 5PM East Coast Time, 10PM in British Summer Time, and 11PM Central Europe Summer Time