The 4/4 Day Thread Runs Around The Court Looking For Someone To Hug

In April 1983, I was a month away from turning 10. (I suppose it should go without saying that I had absolutely no idea I was actually a girl back then, but nobody else did, either.) Growing up north of New York City with two professional teams to choose from in every sport and no major college programs near by (No, Syracuse is *not* near by, and Army is a school where recruiting means something very, very different than other schools), I definitely focused more on the pros.

However, for reasons that I can’t remember, I was rooting for N.C. State in the 1983 Men’s Basketball NCAA Championship Game. I’m not even sure if I knew N.C. State was in Raleigh. (I knew Raleigh existed thanks to a wooden jigsaw puzzle of the 50 states that showed each state capital.) I certainly had no idea that 8 years and a few months later, I would step on to the N.C. State campus as a freshman. And I didn’t even get to stay up to watch the end of the game.

But the ending, 40 years ago today, is etched in my mind.

(I sincerely apologize to any fans of Houston. I can’t imagine what it must be like to watch this every year. I did choose a video that cuts off before they show one of the inconsolable Houston players.)

The Dereck Whittenburg desperation shot (or pass, if you ask him), Lorenzo Charles grabbing the ball out of the air and dunking it for the winning basket, and Jim Valvano running around the court looking for someone to hug. What an ending!

Also, I have to mention my older nephew (both my nephews are the best) who turns 9 today. I still can’t believe he’s 9. And yes, even though he’ll never see it, I have to post a Birthday Cat for him.

Post cat pictures, and be excellent to each other.