The Day Thread Is Worth the Drive to Acton (Apr. 3)

Acton, Ontario is a small town of 9,377 people, west of Toronto.

I’ve never been there. Or maybe I have, who knows? All the towns in that area look the same.

They had a cool train station, anyway.

Its claim to fame was having Canada’s largest leather store, The Olde Hide House. Located in the warehouse of an old tannery factory, The Olde Hide House sold clothing and accessories. They advertised heavily on TV in Southern Ontario for many years, proclaiming that Acton was indeed worth the drive.

While writing this up I was surprised to learn that the store still exists, simply called The Hide House. It now promises that it is Canada’s largest leather furniture store, although they still sell clothing and accessories as well. I assume they had to diversify to survive when leather jackets fell off in popularity.

Now go out there today and break some hearts. Dance like nobody’s watching, post like nobody’s reading.