Chaos at the Crossroads of Time: Day 1

The high pitch screaming of breaks pushed to the limit resonated throughout the square as The Doctor catapulted themselves from their blue box. They had tracked another TARDIS to the city and yet as soon at they arrived the signal has disappeared. The Doctor composed themselves as the passerby’s ogled this odd collection of limbs and energy and began blending down the street. Adipose and Silurian, Sontarans and Human, even a penguin crowded around. On a cursory glance normal but something something.

At last The Doctor felt it. A tiny tear in the fabric of time. It had been healed recently but the one who had done it had been too tired, to alone and so it had opened again. A friend would be needed so The Doctor waited, a weirdly familiar activity, and watched.

The time made no sense. Ancient armor ground against spacer tech. Languages rarely present at the same point flowed into each other creating an audible fog. It was cut by an odd melody that twanged joyously but somehow still carried a lingering sense of anger. On the edge of the street a man in a hat kept pestering a bartender for one more drink with both missing the dashing pickpocket deftly passing through the crowd. A mouse chased a cat and a lady with a light moss-color tinge dazzled her rapt audience with tales of valor. And just at the corner of the eye, something ancient yet wholly terrifying, and, seemingly deliberately, trying to slide out of view.

Everything was just so so wrong. The Doctor smiled.




  1. Anna
  2. BeingGreen
  3. Copy
  4. Cork
  5. Emmelemm
  6. Indy
  7. Jake
  8. Jam
  9. Josephus
  10. Lamb
  11. Moo
  12. Moonster
  13. MSD
  14. Nate: Persephone the Smart and Sassy Zombie (TOWN)
  15. Nuka
  16. Otakunomike
  17. Queequeg
  18. Sic
  19. Side
  20. Stars
  21. Wasp


Role Descriptions

No one has died yet!


Oh no you accidentally clicked the rules section close it quickly!!!

-Players are NOT allowed to edit comments or to directly quote from private chats without express permission from the moderator.

-Auto-Kill Rules: With 9 or more players Auto-Kill occurs at either 50% if all players have submitted a vote or at 67% (rounded up) regardless of whether all players have voted. With 8 or fewer players Auto-Kill requires everyone to have voted and triggers at 50%.

-Ties will Result in RNG rolls done in the graveyard among all tied people

-Each Player will receive a private chat they may use throughout the game. Due to the high number of powers it is quite possible that something you consider extremely weird will occur. If you think a mistake has been made regarding game structure or information please ask in your Private chat first.

-Victory conditions, unless expressly stated otherwise, will be only checked at the end of night actions. They will not be checked at Twilight. In addition Kill or Be Killed scenarios will be up to the players to determine

-Please try to make at least 3 posts per day thread. RP is welcome but is not required.

Action Priority: Special => Structural => Protective => Inquisitive => Killing => Clean-Up

All Killing powers trigger at the same time. All other powers have a priority order within their group which will generally favor independents over wolves over town.

-Any power marked as Persistent always happens if you are currently alive during its timing window.

Finally and most importantly be respectful to all players. Attack arguments, not people. This is just a game, and we are all here to have a good time.

There are 2 Independents

There are 5 Wolves

There are 14 Town Members

Day Vote Record Sheet:

TWILIGHT IS ON SUNDAY AT 3PM West Coast Time, 6PM East Coast Time, and 11PM in British Summer Time

Day 1 will be a bit longer than normal because of RP time and to give a bit more flexibility for weekend participation. Also if you aren’t in an US or Britain timezone let me know. I should’ve asked earlier but I can try to adjust future twilights if someone is more west or east.