Comic Book Review – Coins of Judas #1

Coins of Judas #1 

Writer – Travis Gibb 

Artist – Tyler Carpenter 

Back in January, I dedicated an Open Thread to Coins of Judas and promised I would have a review of the comic. Promise made and kept.

30 pieces of silver. 30 demons unleashed upon the Earth. The Westergaard family have been trying to collect the coins and send the demons back to Hell. Unfortunately, there are secret cabals and cults that want the coins for themselves for their own nefarious purposes. 

When this series was announced by Travis Gibb, I immediately added it to my pull list. I have been a supporter of Mr. Gibb since I met him through the comic book community. He might be the “hardest working man in comics” with his numerous Kickstarters and countless interviews with fellow creators and comic enthusiasts. His secret – he runs on iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts. I should also mention his unwavering will to succeed and his passion for writing and making his dreams a reality. 

Gibb shows the reader the long-lasting ramifications of Judas’ betrayal and how it affects every corner of the globe. Tyler Carpenter does a phenomenal job bringing this world to life with dastardly demons and menacing monsters. Carpenter’s art style has an anime/manga influence and compliments the story. The battle scenes between monster hunters and their prey are fast paced and frenetic. 

The first arc of Coins of Judas is two issues and after consuming the first issue, I am hungry for more. There is a lot of potential for more stories down the line. Minor spoiler: The Westergaard Family have only found eight coins. Twenty- two coins are unaccounted for and I’m sure other issues/spinoffs will show who is in possession of them and what they plan to do. The possibilities are endless!

Coins of Judas #1 has just the right balance of action and horror. The first issue is full of secrets and surprises that will leave you wanting to read the next issue immediately. If you were unable to pick up this issue from your local comic shop, you can order it online from the Band of Bards website