FFIV Cid takes us to the 3/26 Day Thread

Today, we get to Final Fantasy IV’s Cid. Final Fantasy IV (originally released as Final Fantasy II in the US) was the first one released on the SNES. Here’s how the wiki describes FFIV Cid.

Cid Pollendina is a playable character and the first playable Cid in the series. The head of Baron’s corps of engineers, Cid is a friend and mentor of both Cecil and Rosa. He designs the airships used by Baron’s elite Red Wings corps, but develops misgivings about the King of Baron‘s methods. Cecil and Kain’s exile, and the use of the Red Wings to destroy Damcyan, prove more than Cid can tolerate: he rebels against the King and is imprisoned for his treason. He is later freed by Cecil, joining his party.

Here’s his character portrait from the menu:

My thoughts: Now we’re talking. Final Fantasy II/IV was the first FF I finished. Its cinematic soundtrack, charming characters, and melodramatic plot enraptured pre-teen Blargg. Cid wasn’t terribly interesting in battles, but his can-do attitude and upbeat theme was always a sign that things were looking up.

Have a great day!