FFV Cid welcomes you to the 3/26 Night Thread

Cid appeared once again in FFV. Sadly he didn’t join your party for this adventure. He looks very different from his previous incarnation with long flowing garments. Nevertheless he’s still known for his handy skills and scientific prowess. Here’s what the wiki says about him:

Cid Previa and his grandson, Mid Previa, are engineers from Karnak who invented the machine which amplifies the power of the Crystals. In particular, they used the Fire Crystal to build the Fire-Powered Ship for Queen Karnak. The two later remodel an airship found in the Catapult.

My thoughts: I only played FFV once, on the Gameboy Advance 15+ years ago. As much as I enjoyed the game, I can’t say this Cid made much of an impression on me.

Have a great night!