The Piglet’s Big Movie Day Thread Has a Big Ass

Piglet’s Big Movie opened in theaters 20 years ago this week. After 2000’s The Tigger Movie proved to be an unexpected box office hit, Disney was like “well, we should make another Pooh movie with a different character!” Sadly, they didn’t opt for Eeyore’s Miserable Motion Picture, and instead went for a Piglet outing. Though Piglet is hardly the star of what is supposed to be his own film, as he goes missing (for reasons that are never explained) and his friends go out to look for him. Along the way, they recall past adventures they’ve had with their porker pal, which are all loosely based off of original A.A. Milne stories. It’s cute stuff–or, at least it is until a third act plot twist in which it’s revealed that Pooh accidentally devoured Piglet during a drunken honey binge, and he ends up making a deal with a Satan-like creature known as “The Anti-Pooh” to make him “undigest Piglet” and thus hit the reset button.

For my money, The Tigger Movie is a vastly superior film, but Piglet’s Big Movie isn’t without its charms, and it got decent reviews. Box office was modest at best, but Disney was clearly satisfied as they released another Pooh flick to the big screen just two years later with Pooh’s Heffalump Movie. From a marketing standpoint, Piglet presumably proved not as lucrative as his bouncier counterpart Tigger, but they still found an effective way to sell the film…by making a poster centered around Piglet’s booty.

Using Piglet’s sexual appeal as a way to ensure you get butts into movie seats was certainly a bold strategy. I can recall going to Piglet’s Big Movie in theaters (I saw it twice in one day–don’t ask!), and staring at the poster in the lobby for several minutes, mesmerized by Piglet’s curly tail (at least I hope that’s his tail). Keep in mind that of all of the lovable characters in the 100 Acre Wood, Piglet is the only one who bothers to cover up his private parts, which would strongly imply he is hiding a “big” package if you follow what I mean. I guess Piglet’s not so “little” after all. Wink, wink, elbow, elbow. Wait, who am I elbowing? There’s no one there.

The fixation on Piglet’s booty didn’t end with this poster, though. Here’s an international ad, which at first glance seems innocent enough, until you look at Rabbit’s face and realize he’s way too happy about the view (not really surprising given the guy painted a face on Pooh’s bottom back in the day, something that would almost certainly get Rabbit cancelled now).

Of course, not all of the marketing could be focused entirely on Piglet’s extremely appealing pink ass, so there were some “normal” posters made…except that by “normal” I mean “not normal at all” since it seems they decided to make Tigger fucking enormous here. Seriously, why is he so tall?!

Have a great day, y’all! Also I will probably do another Piglet’s Bug Movie OT soon. Consider yourselves warned.