AVoCADo GamesCast #90: Tsundere Writers

Hey folks! In this packed episode, LittleMac, Andy Tuttle, our editor The Kappa, and I discuss the Double Fine PsychOdyssey documentary, what we’ve been playing lately, the deluge of games that came out in the first two months of the year, and where we want our favourite franchises to go next. We also explain why Joss Whedon and the writers he inspired are like tsundere teenagers. Check it out!

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0:15 – Introduction
3:45 – Double Fine PsychOdyssey
9:35 – What We’ve Been Playing
1:00:45 – Recent Game Releases
2:22:55 – Franchise Fantasies
3:09:45 – Conclusion

Spoiler warning for Dragon Age II and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Content warning for jokes about mental health. Additional information on warnings, including timestamps, can be found in the linkdump.