Tabletop Thread (3/22/23)

Today for our optional topic I’d like to talk about tools.

From both a game runner’s standpoint and a game players stand point we get a lot of use out of tools. I doubt anyone here has played a game of D&D without a character sheet in front of them to reference, whether it’s physical or digital. And as we get further and further into this new game renaissance more and more assistant tools are coming out on all sides. Things like DnDBeyond which helps you make a character sheet (some purchases may apply) and places like Roll20 where you can play with other people digitally have all made a difference. But there’s still a lot of holes and ideas that can use some fleshing out. I know I would pay good money to have a stable system for determining what kind of CR for monsters actually works for X number of Y level players in a fight.

So let’s talk about the tools we have and like and the ones we’d like to see in the world as well!