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Weekly Video Games Thread Celebrates Mario Day with Some Belated Tunes

Happy Monday, all, and welcome to the Weekly Video Games Thread.

Let’s get right into the prompt: favorite Mario music. My relationship with Nintendo’s mascot border on the religious, so I’d like to do a belated thing for MAR10 Day. And what’s more of a “Wolfman Jew has to publish three things on Sunday and Monday, including this” prompt than one that asks for you to throw in a music clip? Here’s some of my favorites, with a couple of Mario’s friends’ adventures included:

Let’s-a goooooo!

So I picked a few obvious in there. They’re still good! And yes, it did take more time than it was worth.

Of course, what kinds of gaming shenanigans did you get up to this weekend? I need some inspiration for what I wanna play next!