Sam and Max Night Thread

I’m pretty late to the party on this one, but I just discovered Sam and Max and I love them. I was vaguely aware that two such characters existed, but that was about the extent of it, until recently Game Grumps did a playthrough of the classic LucasArts point-and-click adventure Sam and Max Hit the Road.

I’m going to let Wikipedia explain what this is:

“Sam & Max is an American media franchise about Sam and Max, a pair of anthropomorphic vigilante private investigators. The characters, who occupy a universe that parodies American popular culture, were created by Steve Purcell in his youth, and later debuted in a 1987 comic book series. The characters have since been the subject of a graphic adventure video game developed by LucasArts, a television series produced for Fox in cooperation with Nelvana Limited, and a series of episodic adventure games developed by Telltale Games. In addition, a variety of machinima and a webcomic have been produced for the series.”

Despite a dedicated cult following, there is actually a pretty limited amount of printed Sam and Max comics, such that they can all be collected in one volume titled Sam and Max: Surfin’ the Highway. I think you can still buy this digitally somewhere but it’s currently out of print physically. You can also find it on archive dot org, if you are so inclined.

This visual style really does something for me. It’s that kind of cartoon where everything is so broad and wacky and exaggerated, but when you look close you see that every line so so perfect. I’m jealous!

Have a good night, Nightvacados!