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End of the NBA Season Thread

Yes, I waited until The Bucks locked up the first berth

Anyway, some interesting storylines:

  • Talking heads fading quickly on the Celtics, and propping up the Sixers as the new thing. Not sure I’m agreeing with either take.
  • I’m not sure, and I think very few people can even pretend to know, what is going on with Ja Morant. Obviously hope for the best, and anytime a person is making a reach out for help it should be encouraged rather than mocked. None of that shit please.
  • Lakers…um, yeah. May still make the playoffs given the system we have right now.
  • Suddenly, everybody stopped talking about the Knicks.
  • Cavs may be the darkhorse to win the damn thing. Now, some may say it’s because I’m always a fan of Donovan Mitchell and Jerrett Allen. To those people I say: yeah, that’s true I do that.
  • Nugs are fading down the stretch too. This observer is *not* surprised. They look tired.
  • So, you know I was going to leave you with this right?

My guy moved the entire Kings squad plus a couple other folk out the way. I would advise not ducking around with Brook Lopez.

This just something I wanted to type up and maybe people want to post on for last few games of the season. No big whoop. I’m just trying to keep my mind off other things, so whatever. Go Bucks though, obviously. Be good to each other and as always: