Comic Book Review – Local Man #1

Local Man #1 

Writers and Artists – Tim Seeley and Tony Fleecs 

I was placing an order from Midtown Comics a few weeks ago and I decided to add this first issue to my cart. I was going to pick up a copy from Phantom of The Attic but I passed on it. Nowadays, I usually trade wait Image Comics titles but I was really glad I got a second chance to grab this book.

Jack Xavier returns to his hometown Farmington in disgrace. As Crossjack, he was a member of the superhero team Third Gen until he was fired from the group. His future uncertain, he returns to his childhood home to regroup and figure out his next step. It’s not all bad as he is reunited with his former flame Inga, that is until the supervillain Hodag interrupts their happy moment. Can Jack stop his long-time nemesis and relive his glory days or will he fail and get mocked by the locals? 

This comic is a flip book and I didn’t know that until I finished the first story. The backup is a tale of Crossjack’s first adventure with Third Gen against the Desolators as the heroes try to stop the activation of the Apehk Engine. Although I thought I made a mistake, I’m actually glad I read the backup story first because I learned about each member of the team and their powers/abilities. It helped when Third Gen touches down in Farmington to speak to Jack about his battle with Hodag. 

We have seen the success of stories featuring the private lives of heroes and how superheroes affect humanity at large (Watchmen and The Boys, for example). We know that Crossjack was fired from the group but we haven’t learned the reason why just yet. It involves the superheroine Neon in some capacity. I have a few ideas on what transpired and we will see if they match up as the series continues. The other mystery involves Hodag on the final page of the issue. It’s one of those final page reveals that makes your mouth drop open in shock and makes you want to read the second issue IMMEDIATELY. 

Tim and Tony are a terrific twosome that have another bonafide hit on their hands. My favorite part was how other superhero teams and characters in the Image Universe are name dropped in this issue. Crossjack says he deserves more respect since he once helped save Earth from Malebolgia. I cannot wait to see what other connections and characters are hinted at in the near future. 

Some Image Comics releases have been hitting Hoopla the same day and date as comic shops but sadly this is not one of them. There has been some buzz with this series and I would try to pick up a copy before it sells out. Hopefully Image brings this back with a second printing, which they have done with some new releases recently.

Next Issue – This is the part where I usually post the solicitation for the next issue. So as not to be a spoiler, I decided not to include it. The next issue will hit comic shops on March 29, 2023.