The Natalie Is Freezing Night Thread (3/11)

This night we honor the lead singer of Natalie Is Freezing. Her name is Julie. Why would it be Natalie? Natalie Is Freezing is the name of the band.

March 11 is also the birthday of one Lisa Loeb, who portrayed Julie in the sixth season of Community. She broke Elroy Patashnik’s heart, and you hate to see a heartbroken Keith David. Still, he forgives her, and she tosses of a very Gen-X’er “Pffft.”

Loeb has many accomplishments under her belt. She is a Grammy Award Winner. She scored the first number one single —- the inescapable “Stay” —— for an artist without a recording contract. That video was directed by Ethan Hawke, by the way. Thanks, Pop Up Videos!

Most interestingly, she apparently got an award from the American Camp Association. And, no, it’s not for her cameo appearance in the campy House on Haunted Hill remake where she and James Marsters get strapped onto an awesome roller coaster that simulates a roller coaster malfunction.

Rather, it is an association for outdoor camping, of which Loeb is a great supporter. In fact, you could say that she is a Camp Champion (her official award). She wrote the lyrics for an entire camp-based musical. She has a whole “Camp” section on her website that’s mostly devoted to music, tour dates, and … glasses. So pay no heed, Lisa is serious about camping.

Wait… is Natalie freezing because she didn’t bring her sleeping bag?

So have a good one, Night thread! You say… you only post when you want to.