The Day Thread Likes Evil

Once upon a time, King K. Rool was giving heck to some character called “General Klump” (no, really, the internet is telling me that’s his name) over his latest plot to seize the much sought-after Crystal Coconut failing again. It was at that moment when Krusha, fed up with K. Rool not being evil enough, decided to take things over. To demonstrate this, he sang a song about just how much he liked evil.

As I said in another OT recently, I didn’t watch Donkey Kong Country as a kid, but thanks to the internet I’ve been able to discover many of its songs, and have found a lot of them delightful. “I Like Evil” is no exception, playing like a goofy waltz as Krusha dances around an incredibly befuddled K. Rool, who just sort of…lets him sing (maybe there’s homoerotic tension between the two of them? I dunno). This is all made even sillier by the fact that the camera goes nuts for no reason during this, spinning around nonstop as Krusha bounces about, loving evil more and more each second (also, poor General Klump is just standing there awkwardly watching all of this, unsure of what to do with himself).

By the end of the musical number, though, it becomes too much for Krusha. His love of evil becomes overwhelming for him, and he just stops the song to shout about how much he adores it, proclaiming his dedication to evil to the heavens with mad glee. I will warn everyone that this clip ends with a VERY loud explosion sound, so be careful if you’re watching this with headphones on. I am also absolutely not kidding. This sound is seriously LOUD!

Have an evil day, y’all!