The Grimace Day Thread Feels the Heat

One day in McDonaldland, Grimace (or “The Grimace” as he was known back then–this I guess was shortly after he dropped the “Evil” from his name) decided to go to the beach to catch some rays. Ronald had no interest in joining him, as he was enjoying some thick shakes from McDonald’s. So Grimace was on his own at the beach when the sun decided to unfairly assault him with so much heat, he couldn’t take it. He began shriveling up and deflating like a raisin, slowly dying, painfully, and worst of all, alone.

Fortunately, the kids apparently decided to check up on Grimace, and Ronald brought him to a hospital…oh, excuse me, I mean McDonald’s, which is much better than a hospital, because they have thick frosty shakes and also don’t make you sit in a waiting room for six hours. So the day was saved, and Grimace learned…nothing, because he didn’t take into account how close he came to death, and instead concluded that those thick shakes from McDonald’s were SO fucking tasty, man. He’s just lucky that the ice cream machine at McDonald’s wasn’t broken that day.

Also the shakes at McDonald’s aren’t the only things that are looking Thicc…

Have a great day, Avocados! And DON’T stay more than a mile away from McDoanld’s, for your own personal safety!