You Will Feel the Night Thread’s Pirate Scorn

There were many, many, many cartoon shows based off video games in the 80s and 90s, but Donkey Kong Country is probably one of the strangest, if not for its bizarre production history alone. Coming out at a time when CGI animation was still extremely new, the show used motion capture technology as a cost-cutting measure. This made it revolutionary as it was the first to ever to that for an entire series, but it also meant that it looked hilariously weird. The limitations of the era (and the budget) caused for everyone to move stiffly and sometimes characters would just appear to be dangerously close to literally falling apart on screen. It premiered in France in 1996, but didn’t come to the United States until two years later, for whatever reason, where it aired on Fox Family.

I love this guy’s John Travolta dance moves…

Let it be stated before the court that I’ve never actually watched an episode of this show in its entirety, so forgive me for not saying more as I don’t want to get Donkey Kong Country lore wrong here. But the show had at least one song that’s a real banger, a silly pirate ditty which I gotta say I’ve listened to repeatedly. The clunky animation only makes this even more fun–at one point, Scurvy seems to nearly lose his footing and fall off the ship, whether intentionally or not–although I’m uncomfortable with how notable the nipples are on these guys. Do alligators (crocodiles?) have nipples? Also, one of these guys has an extremely prominent belly button. At least I hope it’s his belly button.

The song has proven to be catchy enough to have quite a surprising impact on the fandom, including a cover done by Alestorm, which would be awesome enough in itself. But said cover served as an inspiration for an incredible fan animation, and holy fucking shit, this is good stuff! Like, I would watch an entire show of this! Just wow!

Have an arrrrrrrrrrr-some night, y’all!