The Day Thread Counts Down the Ten Worst Nickelback Songs

Boy oh boy gang, let me tell you, let me tell you, if there’s one thing I fucking can’t stand, it’s fucking Nickelback! I hate them so much, let me tell you. The internet tells me that they’re the worst, and since people are never wrong about “popular to hate” things, well, let me tell you, fuck Nickelback! I hate how their songs are songs, and how their music is music, and how there are four of them (at least I think there are four of them, there might be five of them, or three of them, but who cares, because I hate them, okay?).

So in the interest of getting those sweet, sweet clicks for The Avocado…um, I mean, because I hate Nickelback SO much, like, you guys have no idea. Nickelback slept with my mother! That’s the level of hatred I have for them! Anyway, here are the ten WORST Nickelback songs EVER. It was NOT easy to come up with this list, because, you know, Nickelback sucks so much, and all of their songs (wait, they’ve done like ten albums? Well, that’s kind of impressive…or it would be if they weren’t FUCKING NICKELBACK! Am I right, guys?) are so awful, that they all deserve to be called the worst thing ever created by anyone ever. Anyway, here they are. The WORST Nickelback songs EVER!

But first, you want to know what doesn’t suck? Something that, unlike Nickelback, is actually the greatest thing ever. I am talking, of course, about RAID: SHADOW LEGENDS! Holy shit, guys! Do I ever LOVE this game! I am very much into it. It is like a thing that I love. The game really is that great. It has *checks notes* millions of players all over the world, doing epic fantasy combat, and oh boy, do you need to hear about it. You’ve never heard of this game, right? I must spread the good word!

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Have a great day, y’all!