30 Day Black Actors Challenge Day 25: Mahershala Ali

Mahershala Ali was born on February 16, 1974 in Oakland, California.  He has played recurring roles in many TV and streaming series including The 4400, House of Cards, Ramy, and True Detective.  Some of his notable film appearances include The Place Beyond the Pines, Swan Song, Hidden Figures, and The Hunger Games series.  He has won two Best Supporting Actor Oscars for his portrayals of Juan in 2016’s Moonlight and Don Shirley in 2018’s Green Book.  Ali has been cast to join the MCU as the vampire hunting Blade.

Let’s chat about Mahershala Ali!  Any conversation is welcome but here are the usual prompt suggestions:

What was the first show/film you remember seeing him in?

What’s your favorite role of his? Any favorite scenes or lines?

Are there any films or shows of his that you’re still looking forward to watching?

What are some specific roles/types of roles or genres you’d like to see him take on in the future (or wish he had taken on)?

Directors you’d like to see him work with?

Awards you wish he’d won?

Fun facts?