WW 201: Oops All Cupids III (Day 4)

Spring 15

You wake up precisely at 6:00 to the sound of a rooster you’ve never seen. Another day in the beautiful Wolfdew Valley begins.

Today is the first day of Salmonberry season. You know this because of the note you have received every year since you moved onto this wilderness farm.

You and the other farmhands have to get moving. Behind the first bush you check are two bodies. Their mouths are stained red with the juice of unripened salmonberries.

BeingGreen has died. They were a VT Lover.

Side has died. They were a VT Lover.

They should’ve waited.

Special Game Mechanics

Non-Standard Rules:

  • Every wolf is a Cupid who is able to select two players other than themselves who will be in a Lover couple together on Night 0. The twist? They won’t know who their fellow wolves Cupids are until the game starts on Day 1!
  • Couples formed by Cupids will be placed into paired chats upon the start of the first day. Couples will not know the identity of their patron Cupid. Cupids cannot disclose their players they chose for their Couple until certain conditions are met. If one Lover dies, the other dies too unless…
  • Polyamory! In the event that a Player is involved in more than one couple, the death rules change. If a Poly-Lover who is the central “node” in their poly relationship is targeted, all of their connected Lovers may die. Any Poly-Lover will stay alive if any of their other Lovers are alive! Poly-Lovers will all share a private chat.

Win Conditions:

  • The game is over when the number of wolves makes up half or more of the Player population, or when all scum are killed.
  • Wolves win if they make up half or more of the Player population.
  • Town Wins if wolves are all dead. UNLESS!
  • A Couple and their patron Cupid will share a victory over the traditional winning faction if they are the sole remaining couple alive when a traditional town or wolf victory is reached. A Cupid may still achieve victory from the graveyard if they bet on the right couple. Multiple couples still being alive will result in a Town or Wolf victory.


  • 11 5 Vanilla Town
  • 1 Private Investigator (Town) may each night learn how many couples a targeted player is part of
  • 1 Paranormal Investigator (Town) may each night learn if a targeted player is Human or Cupid
  • 1 Doctor (Town) may each night choose a targeted player to protect from death. Doctor may self-target, but may not target the same player twice in a row. The Doctor cannot save a Player from dying if their Lover is killed, but will prevent the Couple from dying if they protect the targeted Player.
  • 3 1 Cupids (Wolves) each picked a pair of players they think can make it to the end together.
  • ≤4 Lovers in ≤ 2 Couples.

≤ should be read as “up to”

Death Flips:

  • All roles (VT, Lovers, Private Investigator, Paranormal Investigator, Doctor, and Cupids) will be announced at death and tracked.


  • RP is optional, but appreciated!
  • Please try to make at least 2 posts a day. If you’re in a situation where you can’t reach that requirement, please notify Jam/Bwok (@JamMoritarty:disqus) or Lutair/Bawk (@lutair:disqus) through discord or a tag!
  • Do NOT Screenshot or quote directly from your team or mod communications. This will result in an instant mod kill.
  • Do NOT edit or delete any posts without mod permission.
  • Do NOT belittle other players for their choices or reasoning. Attack arguments, not people.


  1. Annanomaly (@persistingdeviation:disqus)
  2. Cork (@2bruce2:disqus)
  3. Eleanor (@disqus_Alanna:disqus)
  4. Jake (@forget_it_jake:disqus)
  5. Marlowe (@marlowespade:disqus)
  6. Lindsay (@gaydisaster:disqus) subbing in for Moo
  7. MSD (@DekaTria:disqus)
  8. Nate (@NateTheLesser:disqus)
  9. sic humor (@sic_humor:disqus)
  10. Mrs. Queequeg (@mrsqueequeg:disqus) Vanilla Town
  11. April (@April_LKD:disqus) Vanilla Town
  12. raven (@ravenampersand:disqus) Cupid
  13. Indy (@inndeeeeed2:disqus) Vanilla Town
  14. Goat (@GoatfulDead:disqus) Vanilla Town
  15. Lamb (@theprincethatwaspromised:disqus) Cupid
  16. BeingGreen (@beinggreenbeingonDisqus:disqus) VT/Lover
  17. Side (@side_character:disqus) VT/Lover


  1. hoho (@hohodor:disqus)


  1. Pablo (@Taffy_0831:disqus)
  2. Stars (@starstheycomeandgo:disqus)
  3. Moolissa (@disqus_6nGGCKBk8m:disqus)


Twilight is at 4PM EST on Sunday, 26 February 2023. Autokill is at 5 votes after everyone has voted.

Lutair is helping me co-mod, as per usual. Our tags are @JamMoritarty:disqus and @lutair:disqus.