The Friday Politics Thread: Gets Down To The Brass Tacks

Hello, and Welcome Back to Fridays! Optional Question Of The Week: What is your favorite super political movie? Did it influence your IRL politics at all? One of my favorites is Ikiru from 1952

Today’s Musician is the Non Binary Sudanese American Alt Rapper Dua Saleh. Dua Saleh is a poet and this really shines through in their lyrics and combines with their delivery of either a warm singing voice or a gritty rap. One of my favorite songs of theirs is Warm Pants. A song about profoundly missing someone is elevated to something incredibly haunting and hypnotic by how she stretches out some of the words at the end of sentences.

This next song Trash Snacks leans harder on electronic production for a super fun song that I think is about someone just really done with their current relationship and is fed up with their partner. The Chirpy Computerized delivery of the verses enhances the song’s trippiness.

That’s about all the time we have for today! Remember to follow all the rules, be nice to the Mayor, Respect Mr. Poggle and always be excellent to one another.