The Tali’s First Anniversary Night Thread!

Today is (still in some time zones) February 1st, 2023. One year ago today, (Lovely Bones and LibraryLass) we happily welcomed Tali Zorah Vas Kitty, or Tali for short, into our home, our lives, and our hearts. Luckily, the weather this year is much more pleasant, as Tali came to us on emergency short notice thanks to an incoming icestorm. We’re so lucky and grateful to have this energetic, big-eyed bundle of joy in our lives. She keeps each of us company while the other’s at work, showing us lots of love and affection every single day and night. She keeps us active with her rambunctious playtime and shenanigans. But most of all, she meows. A lot. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Please enjoy these precious memories and classic Tali Pics, and have a good night, friends!

Tali’s very first day with us!
Tali’s first Halloween! (As Morgana Persona-man)