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Tuesday’s Politics thread remembered to write the durn thing!

Crap. Well. It’s a good thing there’s no more Covid!! I mean, I get it. It’s hard to be serious as a government about an issue when the people of the country seem just….not to care anymore. But it still sucks.

This is disappointing, but I get the feeling that Jeffries wants to leave it up to the courts to decide, which makes sense. A judicial smackdown for McCarthy is better than McCarthy whining that Jeffries is being partisan.

Turning up the heat on Mark Meadows’ underling:

And there’s my three. Hope everyone is doing ok, the days (in the northern hemisphere) are getting longer. I’m loving the sun we got today because it’s going be GROSS for the rest of the week. Do your things, keep it between the lines. Never be the fastest car on the road or the drunkest person at the party. Those are two pretty good standards to live by. Don’t threaten anyone, including Mayor McSquirrel.