Sports Corner Moves to a Neutral Site

Actually, that isn’t true, despite the desire of the NFL to connive a way to place the AFC Championship in Atlanta. We like the utter lack of neutrality The Avocado offers us. But it seems clear that the NFL is convinced that the championship games need to have the same atmosphere as college bowl games. And perhaps also strangeness that long has ill served the Super Bowl. But if we know anything, the NFL is never content to leave well enough alone.

Thankfully this weekend, we have Cincy at KC and SF at Philly. (If the Giants had to deal with the Philadelphia faithful, so should the Niners!) We also have…

  • Intrigue about the future of the USMNT
  • The Bruins running away from the pack in the NHL Eastern Conference
  • A joyous muddle of contenders in both the East and West in the NBA
  • The slow and steady run-up to March Madness
  • And of course the Australian Open!

As ever, all sports subjects welcome.