Comic Book Review – Old Lady Harley (2019)

Old Lady Harley (2019) 

Writer – Frank Tieri 

Artist – Inaki Miranda 

One of my goals in 2022 was to read the complete run of Old Man Logan, which I accomplished the week of January 15, 2023. When I went to the library to pick up one of the OML volumes, Old Lady Harley was in the graphic novel section and I ended up checking it out as well. 

The first glimpse of this possible future of the DC Universe was in Harley Quinn #42, which is included in this collection. Frank Tieri would end up expanding upon this brave new world in a five-issue miniseries that has Harley Quinn and her partner Red Tool traveling to Coast City together. Their trip is interrupted by the Laughing Boys and their leader, Fleck. Harley and Red Tool survive their run in with these clowns. As they escape, both are shocked by the revelation that Harley’s former puddin’ is still alive. How can this be possible? Harley and Red Tool travel to Gotham to seek the truth. Their journey will take them all across the globe and reunite them with some old companions, friends, and lovers. 

This futuristic farce is a gas and well worth the read. You’ll learn the fate of Batman, Nightwing, and Barbara Gordon. You’ll be amazed when you discover who the President of the United States is and how Mexico transformed into Lexico virtually overnight. You’ll also be shocked at what has happened to our neighbor to the North, Canada, and who the Prime Minster of the country is currently. You’ll laugh so hard you’ll cry but you may need a tissue or two around the fourth and fifth issues as some long – held secrets are revealed. 

Harley Quinn’s popularity continues to reach the stratosphere. After I was done reading this collection, I thought to myself how great this story would be transformed into a full-length DC Animated movie. I would definitely watch it the day of release. At the very least, there could be a three- or four-episode arc of the HBO Max Harley Quinn series dedicated to this storyline. 

This miniseries ends on a cliffhanger and I really hope Tieri reunites with artist Inaki Miranda on a sequel. I loved the art, the coloring (by Eva De La Cruz and Paul Mounts), and the designs of the older heroes and villains and newer characters introduced from issue to issue. The wink and nod to Arthur Fleck from Joker was a nice touch. I also enjoyed the legacy characters based on the muscular and malevolent Bane (look for their introduction in Part 3). 

Doc Brown said in Back to the Future III that “the future isn’t written yet, so make it a good one.” Frank Tieri hit a home run with his look into this possible future of the DCU and it was well worth the trip. If you are looking for a good laugh during these long winter months full of blahs, boredom, and bad weather – check out Old Lady Harley as soon as possible.