Movin’ In Sunday Food Thread 1/8

We just moved into a new house and are finding the weirdest things to eat. The first in the new house night my wife got up and had an orange and a hamburger bun for a midnight snack. We’re in a little better shape today.

Of course we’ve hit up a couple restaurants, they’re places we’ve already been to so were known quantities. The real adventure is figuring out where we packed our dry goods and how in the heck we’re going to set up our kitchen! It’s an adventure and we’ll be working it out over months. No hurry as we want to get it right so the setup is in flux. Header is a not very well stitched together panorama.

The new neighborhood is way more diverse than where we moved from, it has a ton of different international markets and restaurants fairly close and a giant Chinese market opening soon right around the corner. We’re about 2 miles from an H-Mart and several small Middle Eastern groceries too. Loving the proximity to all the different ingredients! I’m hopeful that this move will spark my food thread writing fire, time will tell.