Comic Book Review – Darkdevil 1 – 3 (2000)

Darkdevil #1 -3 (2000)

Writers – Ron Frenz and Tom DeFalco

Artists – Ron Frenz and Al Milgrom

I was looking for Christmas gifts at New Dimension Comics on Halloween and I came across their section of $5-dollar comic packs. One set that was a very surprising find was a three-issue mini-series featuring Darkdevil, which I promptly added to my stack of things to purchase.

One of my personal favorite spinoffs in the Marvel Comics Universe is the MC2. I think it was a great idea that was unfortunately way ahead of its time.  Spider-Girl was introduced in What If? #105 and the issue proved so popular, she got her own comic series. Shortly thereafter, new series J2, A-Next, and Fantastic Five joined the MC2 line. Whenever I go dollar bin diving, I always look for these back issues. I even wrote a few reviews about them here at the site back in 2018, 2019, and 2020.

A hotly contested New York City mayoral campaign between Marcus Stone and Glynis O’Neil has captured the attention of everyone, including the Kingpin of Crime, Wilson Fisk. Although incarcerated, his reach still stretches very far, even behind bars. He has a plan to ensure his candidate wins the race, so he can earn his long sought-after freedom from prison. The only person standing in the way of this nefarious plot is the mysterious Darkdevil, a vigilante sworn to uphold law and order on the mean streets of the Big Apple.

When Darkdevil was introduced in Spider-Girl #2, his origin and secret identity were kept under wraps. This mini-series sheds some light on the identity of the man behind the mask and his connection to both Daredevil and Spider-Man. Frenz and DeFalco pay homage to the origins of the Amazing Arachnid and the Man Without Fear by adding a few tragic twists and turns that lead to the birth of Darkdevil. There is a lot of action and suspense packed in these three issues. I like how the story jumps from present day to the past (via flashbacks). The transitions are flawless and don’t hamper the pacing of the story. This was a good introduction to the Darkdevil character and his impact on the MC2. He would eventually become a supporting character in later issues of Spider-Girl and even make an appearance in the Secret Wars mini-series Spider-Island.

It’s been twenty plus years since the debut of MC2 and I’m shocked and a little disappointed that Marvel hasn’t done anything to celebrate the anniversary of this line of comics. It would have been nice to have a one shot or oversized comic released to commemorate the future of Marvel. It seems like we get a return to Marvel 2099 once and awhile, but we can’t forget the impact or importance of MC2. At the very least, Marvel should re-release these comics in a Marvel Epic Collection since the trade paperbacks are hard to find.