Favorite Music Video, Cover, Lyrics, &c. of 2022. Best of Auxiliary

I thought I would make a thread as sort of an auxiliary for the music Pits. Personally, I really love the more esoteric lists that crop up at the end of the year. Best album and songs can be predictable, flattened, or even too idiosyncratic to be useful. But people are often exposed to interesting paratextual musical things throughout the year. And what of your least favorite things? That’s what this thread is for.

I will enter a few starter lists. Just like the main Pits threads, post your picks for these under their respective main threads. If you would like to contribute an alternate list, please feel free. Highlight the list topic in bold if you do so.

Here’s the lists I’ll contribute

  • Favorite Music Video
  • Favorite Release Artwork
    • A subset of this can be Best Packaging
  • Favorite Lyrics. Please include track details such as song title, artist, &c.
  • Most Disappointing Release
  • Most Anticipated 2023