Pronoun Badge Request Thread

Hey everyone! As Disqus has removed the ability to hover over a user’s avatar and view their bio, we’re unable to see everyone’s preferred pronouns. We’re hoping that this is only temporary as the Disqus team will be making changes based on the feedback they received on their blog post.

In the meantime, we have created three badges with He/Him, She/Her, and They/Them. If you would like to have your preferred pronoun added to your username, please let us know here!

The three badges are simply the site logo which will show your pronoun choice when you hover over it.

Of course there are more than three pronouns but we’re limited by the number of badges we can use on the site – currently we can have seven – the moderating team will listen to anyone who wants to make a case for adding further badges, if you would like to discuss it in this thread, or would prefer to tell us in private using the mod email:

As we have only seven badge spaces we’ve had to retire the Open Thread, Politics Thread, and Comic Strip Club badges for the time being, but hopefully they will be able to return soon!

We would like to extend our thanks to Miss Eleanor, the Avocado who suggested this idea in the first place.

Finally, all the dog lovers on the site finally have the chance to show off just like the cat lovers, with the Dog Fancy badge!