Happy HoliDAYs Thread (12/15)

Here’s a story to warm your heart and chuckle.

I was on Christmas break from college and my brother was bringing his girlfriend home for the holidays. For a solid week before Christmas, my Mom and I cleaned the house from top to bottom. We took care of our chores while listening to Christmas songs. Happy Holidays was one of them. As the hours and minutes drew closer to the big day, we both started to get stressed and to cheer ourselves up, we’d sing Happy Holidays. It made us laugh and helped motivate us.

Christmas morning came. I looked outside the window and it was a White Christmas. My brother and his girlfriend made it safely to the house. We exchanged gifts and had a nice lunch together. Their time was cut short because they had to drive back to Washington D.C. before the interstate closed. My mom and I did all that work for such a short visit but it was understandable because of the circumstances.

Since then, my Mom and I always share pictures of decor with Happy Holidays written on it. My Christmas card to my Mom every year since has Happy Holidays on the front of it. This is an inside joke we share together and it brings back memories of that one Christmas from long ago.

This anecdote was too good not to share.

My goal in the New Year is to share more stories like this with everybody.

Have a great day and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!