The December 14th Night Thread is a lesser known hit by the Man in Black

Back in my wild youth I was perusing an antique store in Appalachian North Carolina, as I like to do; when I spotted a Sun Records 45rpm single of “Guess Things Happen That Way” by Johnny Cash. Being a huge Cash fan, I quickly bought the record for a paltry sum and hurried home to throw it on. Sadly, the record was scratched to the point of being un-listenable, but it still makes for a nice bit of wall decor/memorabilia.

“Guess Things Happen That Way” is a bit of a weird one, featuring some uncharacteristically doo-wop backing vocals, but it still was Cash’s fourth #1 on the Country Music charts upon its release in 1958. I’ve done absolutely no research, but given the fact that I had never heard of the song till I bought it, I’m willing to call “Guess Things Happen That Way” a hidden gem.