Troegs Mad Elf Day Thread (12/12)

Holiday Rush 2022 continues with today’s Day Thread and a look at Troegs Brewing and its seasonal release Mad Elf. Years ago, I was flipping through a magazine when I came across the Food/Beverage section and saw an ad for Mad Elf. Troegs Brewing was located in Harrisburg, PA and I asked my Mom if we could stop and pick up a case for Christmas. This was a rookie mistake as the beer is 12% ABV. I had a few during the holidays and ended up giving a few to friends of age so they wouldn’t go to waste. Fast forward years later and the brewery is located in Hershey, PA. I haven’t visited the new brewpub since it opened, and I hope to cross this off my to do list soon. The new tradition is to buy a 6 pack and crack a beer open with my family to toast a successful Christmas season. If your local bar or restaurant has it on tap, it’s worth trying. Just be warned it has the potential to knock you on your ass. One should suffice with a meal.

Something to Discuss – What is your favorite seasonal beer or alcoholic beverage?

Bonus Discussion – If you refrain from beer or alcohol, what holiday drinks do you have with family? Feel free to post some recipes in the comment section.

This is your friendly reminder to drink responsibly today, at the holidays, and always.