The Video Nasties Day Thread

The Video Nasties Day Thread (December 10, 2022)

The 1980s in the United Kingdom were staunchly conservative, with both a big C and a little c. It was safely personified by Mary Whitehouse, a teacher and activist who held generally bigoted views and campaigned against social liberalism. To give an indication of her squeamishness when it came to entertainment, she branded Doctor Who of all things as “sick”.

Thanks to her efforts inventing a moral panic, in tandem with the ever-reliably hypocritical right-wing media, the government bowed and introduced the Video Recordings Act of 1984. This act of parliament introduced a mandatory age classification for films as well as producing a list of “Video Nasties” – movies that, at the most extreme end of the legislation – could lead to prosecution for anyone “distributing obscene materials”.

154 films appeared on the list at one time or another before the standards of censorship were slowly relaxed. Films included:

Foxy Brown • The Evil Dead • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre • Scanners • I Spit on Your Grave • The Driller Killer Night of the Living Dead • Dawn of the Dead • Shogun Assassin • The Thing

Take care of yourselves today, everyone!