Comic Book Review – Green Lantern – Larfleeze Christmas Special (December 2010)

Green Lantern – Larfleeze Christmas Special (December 2010)

Writer – Geoff Johns

Artist – Brett Booth

On Christmas morning, Larfleeze wakes up and rushes downstairs to see all the presents Santa Claus has left for him. Larfleeze is both shocked and saddened to see that there is nothing under his tree. Larfleeze tries to track down “The Guardian of Christmas” at the North Pole and ends up crossing paths with Green Lantern Hal Jordan. Hal tries to explain the truth about Santa Claus and the real meaning of the holiday.

I actually put this comic book aside last year to read and review but I never got a chance to until now. I have spoken about my love for Green Lantern in a previous review and Geoff Johns’ run was the most recent run to garner both commercial and critical acclaim. In the 2010s, if there was a Green Lantern comic on the shelf, it was an instant buy for me.

Larfleeze was introduced as the leader of the Orange Lanterns and their emotion was avarice/greed. Larfleeze would always shout out, “Mine, Mine” whenever he would see something he wanted.  He was the perfect choice as the star of this one shot. Hal tries to teach Larfleeze the reason for the season and my favorite part was the end of the story. It packs an emotional punch and you’ll need a tissue or two to dry your eyes.

One of the first comics I remember getting for Christmas was a Marvel Holiday Special. I love when DC and Marvel release their holiday offerings but I always do a double take when I see the price of the comic. I know they are oversized but $9.99 is a bit steep and sometimes the content isn’t worth the price tag. This was $3.99 and it was worth the money, especially when DC was trying to draw the line at $2.99. There are a few funs inserts spread throughout the issue. If you want an alternative to this year’s DC and Marvel’s Christmas releases, this one is worth looking for in the dollar or back issue bin.

Can you believe it is December already? I want to wish you and yours a hearty and healthy Happy Holidays and offer a thank you to each and every one of you that took the time to read my reviews and leave a comment this past year (and in previous years as well).