Blueface Leicester

The Bluefaced Leicester Day Thread (November 30, 2022)

Today’s thread is dedicated to the sweet Bluefaced Leicester sheep. Known to be easy going in nature despite their large size (adult rams can weigh around 250lbs), they have a regal gait and like the author are highly food motivated.

Bluefaced Leicester

Noddy, from Patchwork Sheep

In addition to inventing a pudding, 17th Century agriculturalist Robert Bakewell was the key figure in the British agricultural revolution for his work selectively breeding sheep, cattle, and horses. His breeding schemes produced animals better suited to feed and cloth the Industrialising world, and was a key influence on the ideas of Darwin. The Bluefaced Leicester is one such breed, known to be hardy and strong animals which grow wool that is long and dense with a good lustre. The breed was subsequently exported to Canada and America in the 1970s.

Enjoy your day and take care of yourselves, everyone!