World Cup 2022: Matchday 10, The Iran-USA Affair

Take your calculators y’all, time for some math. Matches from the same group will be played at the same time, blame the Disgrace of Gijón for this for this. Lets take a look at today’s games:

Group A: Netherlands v Qatar

Qatar is out, so good riddance. The Dutch have played horrible and still are winning the group, football can be unfair. Netherlands just needs to not lose.

Group A: Ecuador v Senegal

There’s a lot of combinations, but basically Ecuador needs to not lose while Senegal needs to win (as Netherlands most likely will win). I’ve liked what I’ve seen from Senegal, it’d be sad to see them go, but I like Ecuador better.

Group B: Wales v England

England has this, they just need to not lose by 4 or more goals. I mean, they wouldn’t dare, right? Right??

Group B: USA v Iran

This will be an electric match, win to go thru. Well, Iran can technically draw to go in unless England loses. Last time they faced each other was in 1998 and Iran won 2-1. The pressure is on, can the American kids handle it?