World Cup 2022: Matchday 6, Independence Day 2: Football Boogaloo

Now that all teams have played once we are getting a clearer picture of the groups. Lets take a look at today’s games:

Group B: Wales v Iran

After drawing with the US, Wales needs to win this match. Iran was crushed by England, can they recover? Will it even matter?

Group A: Qatar v Senegal

Qatar played horribly and got zero support from their fans that just left the stadium after they went 2-0 down, so yeah doesn’t seem like they have the coveted home advantage and, if they lose this game, they’re done. Senegal played well against Netherlands but they are really missing Sadio Mané and, while sure he’s not as bad as Kepa, Mendy really cost them the game. Still, they should win this game.

Group A: Netherlands v Ecuador

Winner’s match, with both having won by the same score even. Ecuador looked better than the Netherlands that didn’t have a shot on goal until the 84th minute, they could win this.

Group B: USA v England

USA looked really good on the first half of their match against Wales, but once Wales put the pressure on they folded. The young Americans seem to be lacking on game control and their coach is no help. England crushed a much weaker than expected Iranian team, this should be the first real test to see if it’s truly coming home.