The Headless Rex Day Thread

This morning is the 96th edition of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The parade has brought us many memories over the years, ranging from the death of Barney to the greatest musical performance of all time. Growing up, my favorite part of the parade was always the balloons; seeing an impossibly huge Bart Simpson or Bugs Bunny floating down the streets of New York was nothing short of magical to little Flubba.

But, things don’t always go smoothly when fragile polyurethane and helium balloons are involved.

This is Rex.

Rex was the star of the now mostly forgotten animated movie We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story. While the movie wasn’t great (Roger Ebert called it “shallow and kind of dumb” in a brutal one star review), Rex’s inclusion in the parade was a perfect examples of synergy because the movie’s main set piece is a musical number set during the Macy’s Parade. How better to promote the movie than to actually include Rex in the parade?

Except…Rex had a very bad day.

Amazingly, despite no longer having a head Rex was not removed from the parade like badly damaged balloons sometimes are and he completed the entire route. The NBC footage is hilarious; they swapped in footage from his test flight prior to the parade (notice the complete lack of buildings and different color sky?) and at the end, cut to a live shot carefully framed to try and hide the damage. It’s…not entirely successful.

Rex was never seen again after the 1993 parade. Goodnight, sweet prince, you were too beautiful for this world.